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    Brush Size with alt+ctrl doesn't work anymore


      i reinstalled Photoshop and a new 10.12 on my mac

      i use a Wacom intuous 5

      now i have a big problem :

      normally the combination

      alt + ctrl + click   + dragging sideways in/decreased the size of my brush 

      this doesn't work anymore when i use my tablet pen  ( really strange thing from 50 tries it sometimes works )

      when i use my mouse it works

      i checked my Wacom/ Pen settings , cannot find an error .

      When i use a Brush and paint on a white background table Pen and my Mouse work the same , but with this brush size trick

      it doesn't work anymore .

      I really don't understand this because the Mouseclick and the Penklick do the the same action for my understanding  .

      can anybody help ?

      thanks in advance