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    Can anyone please help me with Acrobat Reader DC?


      Very frustrated trying to fix a problem with Acrobat Reader DC.  The Adobe help system is hardly helpful or user friendly. Anyhow, here is my problem.  I am running a MacBook Pro with OS 10.12.5.  I also have a MacMini with the same OS and an iPhone.  I have my email set as IMAP so that emails are identical on all three devices.  Suddenly Adobe will not open any of my PDF attachments on my laptop but has no problem with opening the same attachments on my phone or MacMini. Then I have tried to open PDF files that were CREATED on this laptop and they too won't open.  The Acrobat program will launch and I will get the Acrobat icon on the Dock but nothing will open.  I have clicked on INFO for a PDF and it shows that it is to open all PDF's using Adobe Acrobat DC (default).  I have deleted the Acrobat DC app from the Applications folder and have gone to the Library / Application Support and deleted all the Acrobat and DC files / folders I could find and reinstalled Acrobat and the problem persisted.  So what is wrong?  Can anyone help?