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    how to open a quicktime not in a browser

    tloughlin_design Level 1
      is there a way I can open a quciktime movie from my swf file so that it opens only as a.mov file and not embedded in an html document? I was trying to just do:

      on (release) {getURL("Demo_files/blue01RTplayback.mov");

      but i think the getURL is causing it to open in a browser. how can i avoid it opening in a browser and just have it open as a quicktime file as if it double clicked it on my desktop?

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          TimSymons Level 1
          You can try using the "fscommand("exec", prgnamehere);" method but I'm pretty sure that it won't work directly with a filetype. It is mainly to open applications. Check the help files for the exact syntax. You will have to place the .mov file in a sub-folder named "fscommand". If this doesn't work you will have to use a 3rd party software product like Northcode's SWFStudio (www.northcode.com) or FlashJester's Jugglor (www.flashjester.com).