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    Having problems with the walk behavior


      Hello, I'm having some troubles with my puppet, can anyone help me?


      1. Something is wrong with the head movement, since my character doesn't have a "body", you can see that the only thing moving is below its "waist" as if the head is pinned on top.

      2. The right leg is bending in a odd way, it feels like the character doesn't have any knee, the left leg is fine - guess the problem is that the character isn't on a completly side view?-





      3. I can't make the walk behavior work along the puppet arms, apparently I could fix it if the arms and legs strength were tweakeable independtly of each other.








      Strength at 100%















      Strength at 25%












      My puppet rig:




      Character Animator_2017-06-18_15-36-30.png


      I can upload the puppet file if necessary.


      PS: Is there a way to upload only the puppet instead of the whole Project file?

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Nice character!


          1. So the issue with head movement is that the head isn't moving along with your webcam face movements? Acquavella at http://okaysamurai.com/puppets/ is also a head-only character but should move along with the head - maybe compare to him to see what differences there might be? And placement of the neck, waist, and hip handles can have a dramatic effect on where the bends happen - experimenting with them can often bring very different results (the limbs and body are looking at the three of those as foundational elements to works against). I didn't see a waist tag, maybe that could help?


          2. Experimenting with placement of the leg handles should help this - adding sticks to the calf and thigh could also help define the knee more. And again, placement of waist and hip could affect these too.


          3. Yes, because this is more of a 3/4 view, the arms are going to run into issues because they're not directly over the legs - I've had the same thing happen with my characters.  Right now the walk just isn't optimized for non-profile characters.


          And yes, you can export .puppet files: https://youtu.be/nlcLp47lGiY?t=5m6s

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            cesaarta Level 1

            I tried adding a waist and sticks to the puppet, but it changed nothing, I'm happy with the walking cycle though.


            I'm facing other problems I couldn't post before:


            1. the parallax is moving only the puppet nose, while mouth, eyes and eyebrows sit still.



            2. The head won't move when I'm moving my own head in front of the camera, there are no fixed points on the character, and it's tagged properly - I guess -. I want my character to move it's head, but not the feet, I can't manage to do that.


            Puppet file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wda7wmmajps67mn/Pluff.puppet?dl=0

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              oksamurai Employee Moderator

              1. Face > Parallax only affects the eyes and nose currently. We'd love to extend this in the future to other parts.


              2. Try putting the walk behavior not on the head, but at the top level character (the name that appears above all your layers that has all the other behaviors like face, lip sync, etc.) - that should resolve the conflict, If parts start to float away you can either make them non-independent or staple them to the head.

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                cesaarta Level 1

                Thanks for the quick answer.


                1. The problem is that the eyes are not moving, only the nose.


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                  oksamurai Employee Moderator

                  Make sure your eyes are tagged as eyes - right now I think left and right eye are only tagged as range. It should look like this:

                  Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.44.17 AM.png

                  Then the eyes and nose will move (in relation to the mouth). I had to crank parallax way up (700%) to make it obvious.

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                    cesaarta Level 1

                    Thank you, I really have to pay attention on tagging. I found out that if you put your eyebrows inside the eye group they will be affected by the parallax, the same goes to the mouth, you can put it inside the nose group. Working like a charm now.