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    How do I join the conversations?


      Finally, after two hours of hair pulling I get a discussion box.  I have a problem that is not relevant to this particular forum regarding Photoshop.  However, everywhere I go on these forums I get FAQs, and responses to a million and one issues other than mine because when I type in my question specifically I get "zero search results" regardless of how I rephrase it.  I even posted in a question box, "How do I post on these forums?" Of course, none of the responses were from people having this problem.  So, for two hours I have sifted through, "is it this?", "Is it that?" and I scream at the monitor, "NO, you've already told me that no one has discussed my issue.  Let me ask my question!"


      So, is there a kind soul out there who can tell me where I can go to ask a simple question about Photoshop that alters resolution characteristics, or appears to, from those I have set on saving.  It's probably really basic but I need a solution some time before Christmas.


      Thank you and sorry for the intrusion.