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    cfdiv and session managment

      I am working on a website that uses session managment for security login.

      The site was developed with CF6, and we are now trying migrating it to CF8.

      Currently, forms are submitted passing the session token in the URL like this:

      <form action="Assignments.cfm?<cfoutput>#session.URLToken#</cfoutput>" method="post">

      ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------
      I'm trying to integrate CFDIV into the code, so I have


      <CFDIV bind="url:AnotherForm.cfm ...>

      When I run this, Instead of including "AnotherForm.cfm" the session is not getting passed and the system logs me out.

      I've tried
      bind="url:AnotherForm.cfm?<cfoutput>#session.URLToken#</cfoutput> (also logs me out)
      and putting the code in a
      <cfform action="AnotherForm.cfm?<cfoutput>#session.URLToken#</cfoutput>">
      Doesn't abend, but doesn't do anything either.

      So, does anybody know how to incorporate cfdiv into session management?

      thank you,

      Steve Shapiro
      University of Oregon