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    Adobe XD Error Code 47

    Fearless23 Level 1

      I was working on a design project in Adobe XD. Then power gone off and computer shuts down.


      When i reopen file it shows an error with error code 47. All other files are working fine except the one working at the time.


      Size of file at the momemt is 0 kb.


      Solutions i tried::

      1. Getting file from TempState in appdata/local....., there were 2 files in different folders by the name of copy.xd with size 0kb.

          Copied them to other drive, they also didn`t work.

          It create blank project in the process.



      System Details

      Windows 10 Vrersion 1607 OS Build 14393.1358

      Adobe XD Version: Beta

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          Mihai Udvuleanu Adobe Employee


          The file has been probably corrupted during OS shutdown process. We have addressed this issue and the fix will be available in the next versions.

          Until then, to recover the original file, explore this folder: "C:\Users\<your_username>\AppData\Local\Packages\Adobe.CC.XD_adky2gkssdxte\TempState". Look for a NON-empty file, (a file with size 0 KB is empty - it contains no information) named "agc<NNNN>.tmp" (e.g agc15C3.tmp). You could move it to another folder, change its extension to ".xd" (e.g. agc15C3.xd) and try to open it.



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            Fearless23 Level 1

            Mihai Udvuleanu there are few files named copy wtih extension .xd but none with a extension of .tmp. There are exactly 4 copy.xd files in 4 different folders.

            I moved them to other drive and tried to open it, they show the same error code 47 and after that in local/packages/adobexd...... folder more copies of the file copy.xd are created. At the moment there are 9 folders with 7 containing copy.xd of file size 0kb. More and more get created when i open copy.xd (after moving it to new drive) from tempstate folder.