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    Non solid head


      hi i have a problem: my head is'nt solid  that means when i close my eyes,  the head moves strangely (watch screenshot) Or if i just move my head a bit it's starting to look strange too. I followed the instruction from you're  tutorial  Making Your First Character (Adobe Character Animator Tutorial) - YouTube


      Screenshot (19).pngScreenshot (23).png

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          Jeff Almasol Adobe Employee

          The eye layers are on the same mesh as the background of the face -- you can see that by the vertical yellow bar in the layers list in the Puppet panel (all the layers that have a yellow bar are on the same mesh, so will distort). You can make the eyes warp independently by grouping each separately in the original artwork file (e.g., "+Left Eye" and "+Right Eye"), which will turn them into groups with the Warp Independently option enabled.

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            olibrayen Level 1

            Thx for the FAST response! I will try tomorow^^