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    CS5.5 Capture no longer works?


      Premier Pro CS5.5 doesn't allow me to capture video from any of my cameras, including my Sony HDV-FX7, and the same for SONY TRV720.  The research I have done points to Windows 10 not supporting the fire wire port on my computer [Intel core i7 950 Processor (4x3.06BHz/8MB L3Cache), NVIDA Geforce GTX 460 - 2GB - Single Card (Video Card), 2ea. 1TB Hard Drives, with 24TB optional storage].


      Originally Windows 7 was installed and was working fine, but the "Arm Twisting" of the Windows 10 team finally got to me, (I am sorry to say).  The Windows team suggested I buy some type of "RCA jack to USB2" interface and try that.  There are several choices available, from $40-over $100, and reviews are mixed, and I couldn't find where any of them clearly state that they will support DV & HDV video capture.  I am also concerned that USB2 has been said to have issues capturing video?


      I would like to know what others (who must have similar issues) have done to overcome this type of problem.

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          clydew39514638 Level 1

          Live and Learn...

          I had searched the Forum for Capture issues, and found a few.  My problem was I didn't ask the question the same way I stated it? (i.e. not specific to CS5.5)

          When I looked up my own question, I actually found some possible solutions that I will investigate.  Sorry for the duplication.


          However if anyone can share information about the "RCA Jack to USB2" interface for capture, and are the USB2's capable of video capture I would appreciate that.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            If you have an open slot for an add-in PCie card you could get one of the newer and tremendously faster USB 3.1 ports for only $30. I use a similar card for other purposes, I would not trust USB 2.0 convertors for the transfer rates.


            To digitize your HDV I use a very handy Black Magic Intensity and for your use just attach it to you HDMI port on the camera and load the BM Media Express software and capture your tapes and the digital signal goes to your computer via the USB 3 port which also powers the unit.  It can do better quality than Firewire.  I have recently recaptured some old SD DV tapes by using the S-Video input/output ports.  I have also used the HDMI output from my HDV camera to play back and recapture old media since I do not have Firewire on any current computer

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              clydew39514638 Level 1

              Thanks for the reply!  I looked into Black Magic Intensity at B&H, the reviews were mixed, but plenty of negative feelings?  One Premier Pro user said he had no problem with it, but several others who commented complained about how finicky it was with drivers.  I am somewhat technically challenged, so if it don't plug in and work, I am in trouble.  I may end up buying one, (and hope for good luck) but still would like to know other options and other products.  Black Magic Intensity is on the high end of costs from what I have seen, and I don't have a problem with that, because several comments were that it output good quality.  Quality capture  from my analog tapes to digital is priority one. 


              I am convinced by you advice to add a USB 3 port, I don't want to have any more "questions" in my links than necessary.