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    AIR on non-rpm distros (gentoo ..)

      When I was looking for solutions to install air on my amd64 64bit gentoo box I found this thread:

      http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?forumid=72&catid=677&threadid =1349878&enterthread=y&loc=en_us

      google cache

      I post this link here in this new topic because the forum is closed now and the topic harder to find although still very relevant. I added the google cache link. I will also add the topic's summary here:


      ADL (part of AIR-SDK) can be used to try out AIR on non-rpm/deb distributions such as Gentoo or Slackware. You can do the following:

      1. Download AIR-SDK from http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/air_linux.html.
      2. Create a directory, e.g. "~/AIR-SDK". Extract the AIR-SDK's .tar.bz2 file in this directory (cd ~/AIR-SDK; tar jxvf /path/to/adobeair_linux_sdk_a1_033108.tbz2) so that adl can be found at "~/AIR-SDK/bin/adl".
      3. Create a directory, e.g. "~/app". Use "unzip" to extract the contents of an AIR application: cd ~/app; unzip /path/to/application_package.air
      4. Use adl to launch the application:

      ~/AIR-SDK/bin/adl -nodebug ~/app/META-INF/AIR/application.xml ~/app

      After following the procedure outlined in the topic (use SDK - now some other place on adobe.com, and adl, unzip .air to install apps) I found it handy to have two simple bash scripts in my AIR-apps directory, launch-app.sh and install-app.sh


      # launch with adl
      ${AIR_PATH} -nodebug ${APPS_PATH}/$1/META-INF/AIR/application.xml ${APPS_PATH}/$1


      appname=`basename $1 .air`
      if [ -d $path ]
      echo Warning:
      echo $path exists.
      echo $1 may be installed. Overwrite $path to reinstall.

      mkdir -p $path
      unzip -d $path $1

      I found the Sudoku.air app and could successfully install and run it.

      When I then proceeded to install adobe_media_player.air, it would start but then report a secure storage error. It turns out it was looking to access kwallet via libkwalletclient.so.1

      Since all AIR is still 32bit it needs a 32bit libkwalletclient.so.1 to let apps store securely (on KDE). This library is not included in the standard 32bit emulation packages on gentoo. All other 32bit libraries AIR requires are included. I found that the debian package


      has a 32bit libkwalletclient.so.1 which is suitable. Google and download. On KDE one can use ark to extract files from the .deb archive. I put the libkwalletclient.so.1.0.1 in the AIR-sdk installation folder along with the other libraries it uses (under runtimes/air/linux/Adobe\ AIR/Versions/1.0/Resources/) and symlinked there libkwalletclient.so.1 and libkwalletclient.so .

      Now adobe_media_player could use kwallet and works pretty well.

      It would be great if there would be a 64bit version of AIR. On my system 64bit flash plugin works very well, so it might be quite feasible to offer 64bit AIR as well.