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    Announcing InplicityToolkit 1.1

      Inplicity is pleased to announce that InplicityToolkit v1.1, Components for Director is available!

      We think you'll find the Toolkit's component approach and object model to be a powerful tool in your creative library. Components can be easily customized and extended, and 'skinned' to fit in with your unique style and requirements, while maintaining advanced functionality.

      InplicityToolkit includes powerful, easy to use components such as Text, DataGrid, ProgressBar, DynamicImage, Panel, and many others. Any component may be extended and built upon to create your own components.

      The Toolkit includes Inplicity Reference, a tool MIAW that provides a complete reference to all components, and can be used to build reference files for your projects as well.

      For a limited time, InplicityToolkit is offered at an introductory price of just $199!

      For more information or to purchase, please visit inplicitytoolkit.com.


      John Mathis
      component lingo rocks! :: http://www.inplicitytoolkit.com/