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    MP4 video and MP3 audio files won't respond to Parameters commands

      RE: MP4 video and MP3 audio files won't respond to Parameters commands on my 2 artwork/presentation sites



      First off, I’m on a Mac, and everything still plays fine in Mac-based browsers (Safari and Maxthon).

      Sites were constructed in Dreamweaver years ago (several DW versions ago, using Quicktime video.

      I’ve been replacing all QT movie files with Mp4s and now have problems.



      These sites have been up for years, and everything USED to work fine in all browsers…  but as you know, everything is constantly changing, and not necessarily compatible..

      I’ve tried everything I can think of — adjusting the Parameters, re-doing the parameters settings and saving in the latest version of Dreamweaver (thinking that perhaps it has some new cross-platform setting)


      It seems that no matter which commands I assign to “parameters” they are now ignored by most browsers, like Firefox and chrome (but not Safari).


      (Again they USED to all work fine with the pages I’d constructed with Quicktime).)



      These are the sites (2):





      Here are the issues:


      On Firefox and Chrome:


      1.) The controllers on the sound files are not showing up at all in Firefox


      2.) On a few pages, I have multiple sound files (intended for the user to start & stop).  On these pages, all sound files play at once, even though I’ve assigned "Autoplay - false” in Parameters.

      Here’s a sample; contrast with how it plays fine in Safari, but elsewhere, Music plays first, voice samples(3) play all at once:



      3.)Though specified in Parameter to "LOOP - true", all movies and/or sound files (Mp4 and Mp3 respectively) do NOT loop.


      (Could it be the over-all page settings like “Canonical - blah blah?”)




      Please advise….