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    Cannot import Olympus images (OMD EM5 II) into Lightroom 10.1

    wayneh92496952 Level 1

      I am new to LR and Photoshop CC. I just downloaded new software after joining the CC program.


      I have Mac OS 10.12.5 running a MacBookPro.


      I have Camera Raw 9,10.1.


      I have two IMPORT issues:




      I am trying to export from Photos into LR pictures shot with an Olympus OMD E-Mark5 II camera.


      I have tried various ways: exporting originals as Raw, exporting JPG version, with or without XMP checked. I send the exported versions to my desktop. Each folder in a folder has my GetInfo>Permissions set to Read and Write. I can see the images.


      I then drag this folder onto LR. It opens. I check the Source to Destination (via Move command).  I can see the photo in LR as checked to import.


      When I hit Import, I receive either one of the errors below (depending on whether I try to import the JPG or the ORF file):

      1. File could not be found. (The file is the Olympus camera file that ends in xxx.orf)


      2. Could not move a file to destination because it is not writable (1). (again, the file is xxx.orf)


      When I have exported just a JPG file, the same thing...cannot import.


      Since my Camera Raw is apparently the one I need to import the Olympus .orf file per your Adobe website I am not sure what the issue is at this time. This particular image has not been modified by other software and is the original.





      Also, I have 41,000 images in Photos. I have modified many in PSE 14, Photos, Affinity, Aurora, SmartPhotoEditor and many other programs. I realize that I could try and go to my Masters folder inside Photos and try to import that way but I would like to keep my modifications. What is the best way to import all the modified images into LR?


      Thank you