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    hsheffer Level 1
      I read a few articals on preload, I tried cuple of different methods, but the same problem kips not letting it work:
      The first 2 frames contains ONLY the preload stuff. the rest of the movie from frame 3 contains heavy stuff (700 KB).
      When I check the movie in the bandwidth profile it shoes me that the first frame contains all the 700 KB.
      What happends is that the preload movie is not working until all the movie is loaded - and then I dont need it any more...
      Did I do anything wrong?
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          uamg Level 1
          Do you have any symbols with linkage identifiers in the library? If you assign a linkage identifier and select "Export for ActionScript" then "Export in first frame" is checked by default. This means that Flash will load all these symbols before displaying the first frame.
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            abeall Level 3
            Fonts and components also export on frame 1, this is the most common issue.

            Solution is to create a seperate file which contains only a preloader, which loads in the main SWF externally.
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              gaurav_ch Level 1

              use uamg's advise and uncheck "export in first frame". also go to publish settings of flash and click on the button next to actionscript version - ie, settings and just enter frame 2 or 3 in the box that pops up = "Export frame for classes". it will then show less kbs in first frame.

              hope it helps,