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    Find/change no longer works on ID CC 17 Mac

    DerrylS Level 1

      The find/change function stopped working apparently my last update of InDesign CC 17.


      When using the CMD F, the edit window does not open at all. If I use the pull down to select find/change from the edit menu, the page is still appears to be active but the Mac menu bar grays out. The Mac menu bar becomes active again if I click on the document. This inaction happens on all new or previous documents, so is apparently is global and not a problem with a particular document.


      As far as I can recall, I have not changed my ID CC preferences this year or in recent years. My CC apps are all up to date. InDesign CC 17 is version with the update installed April 17. (I only manually run the CC app monthly for updates as having CC automatically check at startup makes the computer unavailable for too a prolonged period which I do not consider efficient.)


      Hope there is a fix for this as not being able to use find/change is really annoying and makes correcting or changing something in a large document extremely difficult.