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    Trouble opening project

    twdempsey Level 1

      Hi, I'm attempting to open a project that was saved on google drive for me to download.  the other animator saved the project with project file, CH Data folder and CH Media.  when I attempt to open it, this is the error I receive.


      Internal error code: (726879107:1377+24)

      sorry, this project is too old to open in this version of the app

      (no git refs found with version information).


      The thing is, the other animator is using the same beta 6 version i am and is also on a mac (like me)

      any ideas?


      thanks in advance,


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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          Yeah, that's strange. I wonder if a supplemental file got lost in translation somehow? CH has a lot of supplemental files associated with it.


          One thing you could try is before opening the project, deleting the Ch Data > temp.noindex folder, which you don't really need - it's all temp files to make things work better.


          If that doesn't help. Can you DM me the google drive link to check out closer?

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            I am having the same issue. I have 8 project files that I created in the same week and there is only 1 that I cannot open.character_animator_errorcode.png

            One odd thing that it does, is that it opens the previously opened project file, and that previously opened file can vary. I tried following your suggestion and deleting the temp folder, but now it just opens a blank project.


            Any ideas?