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    Same PDF, Acrobat Windows CAN select and copy text, Acrobat Android CANNOT


      When we press the screen long time on a text, Acrobat Android should select the text and pop up a menu, like GIF shows in the below, so we can COPY the text.



      So here is the question. For this test.pdf: http://waldens.github.io/test.pdf

      In Acrobat Windows, I can select and copy text normally, like GIF below shows:



      But why can't I select and copy text in Acrobat Android by this way, like GIF shows below? can how can I select and copy text in text.pdf?



      The last post has been posted for 7 days, still not resolved ( after the first reply, when I continue to ask, there is no reply ), so I guess that a post will only be answered once by staff, so I resend a post so that I can receive a new reply. here is the origninal post: Re: Same PDF, Acrobat Windows CAN highlight, Acrobat Android CANNOT highlight