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    After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)

    grgart72 Level 1


      Couple months ago After Effects 2017 started to act very weird about 3rd party plugins.

      I started to get "plugin "name of plugin" could not be loaded (1114) (48:46)".

      Could not load older projects, on loading there was lot of (1114) errors and project could not be loaded.

      I tried to reinstall plugins, cleaned up nvidia driver compliantly and installed most recent but nothing helped.

      Noticed when setup project settings to Mercury Software only I was able to load older projects with no errors, but if I apply new plugin (particular for example) I get error.

      I got After Effects 2014 installed and there is no such issue with plugins at all.

      So for last few months I got stuck using 2014 version since its rock stable and I can't use new versions since I can't find solutions for plugins problem.

      Is there any suggestion how to solve this problem?

      Thank you.


      PC specs:

      Win10 Pro, CPU4770K, RAM32GB, GPUs 1080Ti and 3x780Ti, Dual display setup.

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are your plugins up to date versions compatible with AE 2017?

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            ToolfarmJP Adobe Community Professional



            Would you specify the name and the version of the plug-ins? Trapcode Particular v2.6?

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              grgart72 Level 1

              Yes, Trapcode 2.6 most recent.

              Its not due plugin since my college does not have that problem and I tried it on older laptop with nvidia 650M and no problem there.

              My guess is that its somehow GPU driver related.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                What happens if you disable all of the GPUs except one?

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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What plugin, specifically, are you using that triggers the error?

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                    grgart72 Level 1

                    Any Red Giant, Particualar for example. Few months ago used Feather plugin from composit wizard on few layers, now I can't load that project. I was lucky to save project as CC13 on my college PC, so I can open it in AE2014.

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      I would highly recommend contacting Red Giant's support on this issue. It's likely something they can help with. (Or at least something they should be aware of.)

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                        ToolfarmJP Adobe Community Professional



                        The cause might be the combination of the graphic cards. If you set the 780Ti cards disable temporarily, does After Effects become more stable?

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                          grgart72 Level 1

                          Its not only Red Giant, frischluft also have same problem.

                          All worked well until january 2017.

                          I noticed that I got same problem on laptop after updating win10 to creators edition, i had system backup so i restored system.

                          But on workstation problem started before and I can't find what started problems.

                          I guess I'll have to reinstall system in some point.

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                            Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                            Hi grgart,

                            Did you ever get this issue with your plug-ins sorted out? Let us know if you are still having this trouble.



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                              RM_Lund Level 1

                              I'm also having this exact same problem since upgrading to AE CC 2017, and I'm still looking for a solution.


                              This is the only workaround I've found so far:


                              1. Move all 3rd party plug-ins out of the plugins folder.
                              2. Start After Effects and open the old project file. Without the plugins loaded, this will now work without errors (except missing plug-in warnings, of course).
                              3. Re-save the project.
                              4. Close After Effects and restore the plug-ins to the plug-in folder.
                              5. Restart After Effects.
                              6. Open the re-saved project file from step 3.


                              This suggests to me that there's something going wrong when AE tries to convert the older file versions to the current version.


                              Another weird thing is that if you try to open an old project and get the 1114 (48 :: 46) plug-in error, those plug-ins won't work at all for the rest of that session. If you try to apply them in a new project you get the "Invalid filter (25 :: 3)" error instead. Restarting After effects returns things to normal.

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                                Did this ever get sorted out? I am having the same error with Magic Bullet Looks.


                                Its odd because sometimes a restart works sometimes it does not. Once the error is seen then a lot of plugins fail. Including Keylight.


                                This is so frustrating. I'm on W10 and a Nvidia GPU

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                                  Matteo Cassetta Level 1

                                  I have the same problem opening heavy projects, but same version of AE in my case.

                                  The last time it happened, the plugins were Videocopilot Element and Optical flares, but it also happened with some Sapphire suite plugin, and once with Neat Video reduce noise plugin.

                                  Same 1114 error.


                                  The problem also stacks with the system file open window, if after a succesful opening of an heavy project I try to import any file or if I open another project AE crashes.

                                  Drag and drop files works fine in that case.


                                  I'm still tracking the reason, but I found a workaround: after starting AE, I create a solid and I apply the troubled effects.

                                  Then I open my project and it works.

                                  If the plugins and the system file open window are applied to an empty project, the keep working until I close AE.

                                  It seems that somehow the application lacks the resources to load them for the first time if there's a big projects opened (or opening).


                                  Obviously I can work on the project, but I can't add new heavy plugins to it without preloading them in the starting workaround.

                                  I'm been able to work for 6-8 hours long sessions with the workaround, so it works fine.


                                  My PC specs:

                                  Win10 I7-6900K 64Gb 2xGTX1080-8G Dual Monitor



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                                    RM_Lund Level 1

                                    Yeah those are the same plugins that usually cause issues for me as well, plus a few others. It's seems more or less random which plugins fail and when. Even after successfully loading a project, with those plugins working, eventually some other plugin will fail with the "invalid filter" error message. It could be one of the Trapcode plugs if I already have Element 3D applied in my project, for instance. And like g83726543 said, this even includes Keylight, which suggests this isn't just a 3rd-party-plugin-issue. I'm starting to think this has something to do with the graphics card/GPU, some kind of conflict or something. Whether it's a driver issue or an AE issue though, I don't know.


                                    Regarding your problem with AE crashing when opening an explorer window dialog box, I had that problem too. The culprit in my case was a deprecated file originally used by OneDrive called "grooveex.dll". Since the file apparently no longer serves any purpose, the solution was to remove the file altogether. Check out this post at Microsoft Community: What does grooveex.dll do exactly? - Microsoft Community


                                    Interesting workaround you've come up with! I'll have to give it a try and see if it works for me too. It sure would be a lot easier than moving plugins in and out of the plugin dirs and having to restart AE over and over.



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                                      grgart72 Level 1

                                      In AE 2018 everything working fine, finally

                                      But since I used 2014 all this time I tried to compare 2014/2018 rendering speed with one of my projects.

                                      They are nearly same speed in rendering but I noticed while rendering 2018 "eats" all memory amount dedicated to AE and 2014 stays at 2-3Gb all the time.

                                      Is there some option in settings to regulate this "memory leak" or its just a way 2018 works now?

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                                        grgart72 Level 1

                                        Nope, I was wrong. Same problems with plugins in 2018, back to 2014 again

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                                          frdismx Level 1

                                          I am having the same problem in two computers, one with Nvidia and another with AMD gpu.


                                          I have exactly the same symptoms as those previously reported, and the same workaround of "preloading" the effects in an empty new project work for me.


                                          The effects that fail to load are random, but always third party. If loading a preexisting project, it will report a "damaged project file" after it fails for the first effect. Restarting after effects and trying to open the file again will generate a new error, but probably with a different effect, always random. Trying to open the same file after the preloading workaround will succeed, because the .aep file is not actually damaged.


                                          Now, here is something interesting: I thought I could automate the preloading of effects with a script, because it is making me waste a huge amount of time. So I tried with something like this, in this example loading videocopilot plugins:


                                          resx = myComp.width;

                                          resy = myComp.height;

                                          effectList = new Array(

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT LightSaber',

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT VIBRANCE',

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT OpticalFlares',

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT 3DArray'



                                          for (i = 0; i < effectList.length; ++i){

                                              mySolid = myComp.layers.addSolid([1.0,1.0,0], effectList[i], resx, resy, 1);

                                              myEffect = mySolid.Effects.addProperty(effectList[i]);



                                          But that fails, invariably at the second effect, wathever the order of the list. After failing, most effects will become "invalid modules" until reloading the program.


                                          So I figured I might need a bit of a delay between loading the effects. I tried this next:


                                          resx = myComp.width;

                                          resy = myComp.height;

                                          addDelay = 2000;

                                          delay = 0;


                                          effectList = new Array(

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT LightSaber',

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT VIBRANCE',

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT OpticalFlares',

                                              'VIDEOCOPILOT 3DArray'



                                          for (i = 0; i < effectList.length; ++i){

                                              command = "mySolid = myComp.layers.addSolid([1.0,1.0,0], '";

                                              command += effectList[i];

                                              command += "', resx, resy, 1);\n";

                                              app.scheduleTask(command, delay, false);

                                              delay += addDelay;

                                              command = "myEffect = mySolid.Effects.addProperty('";

                                              command += effectList[i];

                                              command += "');";

                                              app.scheduleTask(command, delay, false);

                                              delay += addDelay;



                                          It will again invariably fail at the second effect, this time silently, whatever the order of the list or the length of the delay.


                                          On the other hand, if I try to create the layers and effects from different scripts, one at a time, it will succeed. So it is not an issue with adding effects from a script, as long as it happens in separate calls to run scripts.


                                          The interesting part for me is that I find it very telling that it will always, definitely fail if many effects are being added from the same running process. I  believe internally a single script loading multiple effects might be similar to opening a file with many effects, mostly in the sense that after effects is using a single process to perform the operation.


                                          I believe that might help identify the problem.

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                                            g83726543 Level 1

                                            Has there been any progress or resolution to this problem?


                                            Is it just not widespread enough for Adobe to address? I have upgraded to the latest After Effects and its still problematic. I have a bunch of work coming up and I am dreading the waste of time and frustration this is going to cause.


                                            Adobe Staff please help@!

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                                              I also ran into that problem. Thanks to the "preloading" workaround it kind of works, but really heavy files with a lot of comps struggle still from time to time. I repeat that preloading routine until it works. Whats even more strange is that I deleted some of the third party plugins from that file, but when opening it again, I get the same "(1114) (48:46)" error for a plugin which used to be in that file but isn't anymore. Don't know whats going on

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                                                Matteo Cassetta Level 1

                                                I started using CC2018 since it was available and I have no problems about plugins here.


                                                I installed directly a clean copy of AE CC2018, without loading old preferences.

                                                Then I just copied the plugins that were in the ae plugins folder to the new version and it works fine.

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                                                  jimt30203836 Level 1

                                                  That's good to know Matteo. grgart72 was posting "Same problems with plugins in 2018, back to 2014 again". I am in production right now where I usually do not update software. Once the project is finished I try a clean 2018 installation and hope it will work.

                                                  One other thing I noticed: sometimes it helped for me to not use the "Open recent file dialog". Instead, I closed AE2017 (or it crashed anyway) and I open the file inside windows explorer with double click...

                                                  • 23. Re: After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)
                                                    RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

                                                    Also please make sure that you are running the latest version of Windows.

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                                                      paolopaoli Level 1

                                                      any news? this is getting very frustrating... I can't understand what's happening here. if I open a project, and load up video copilot  saber and some trapcode plugin I get 1114 error. So I have to open a new project load the plug in up and re open back the project..... It might helpful for the entire community to submit a clean forum page with some steps for the resolution of the problem... I am trying to understand what's going from this morning... and I had to install on the system32 library an opencl.dll file do this crappy workaround. as always, great job adobe, great feedback for it's users... 

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                                                        paolopaoli Level 1

                                                        by the way I just installed last windows 10 version.

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                                                          frdismx Level 1

                                                          I too am on the latest version of Windows 10, and I am encountering the problem on two different machines with very different configurations and parts, and I know I am not the only one on my team. The problem has not gone away, no matter the update, and it really is a time sink and a production risk. AE has been cleanly reinstalled to no avail. Formatting the systems to see if the problem goes away, and if it does hope that it doesn't reappear, is absolutely not an option for us.


                                                          It would be very encouraging to at least hear Adobe staff are aware of the problem. I want to be constructive here and not have this taken the wrong way, but it is frightening that the last time AE was a stable, solid and production-trusty product seems to  be four years ago. We tried and altogether avoided CC2015, and then the same with 2016. Our employer has actually asked us to try and find an alternative to AE, because he finds the situation abnormal and there has been a strong push for Nuke to replace AE in many of our workflows. But there is no realistic alternative for Motion Graphics (sometimes I think a bit of competition, such as that found in the 3D modelling market, would be really healthy here).


                                                          So the reality is that we depend on Adobe to keep being performant in our jobs, and to stay effective. It is also a product that we, the users, have loved for many years and to which we have contributed many scripts and community made tools that keep it head and shoulders above the rest.


                                                          Please do consider our feedback.

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                                                            g83726543 Level 1

                                                            That is very interesting, Matteo, that you have solved this problem for yourself. I am very keen to do the same myself.


                                                            Can you explain a little more and for how long has it been working? Did you  use the creative cloud to install and did you remove the previous version.


                                                            Thanks so much for your time but in the absence of any support from Adobe, we have to rely on each other!

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                                                              Matteo Cassetta Level 1

                                                              Here I'm, render time have some use


                                                              The day AE cc2018 has been published (the folder says 19 october), frustrated from the bugs (this is the worse but not the only important bug I had on cc2017) I said why not to give a try to the new version? It can't be worst than this...


                                                              I installed cc2018 using the CC app, without importing the app settings and without removing old version.

                                                              I changed all the settings to match the preferences I always used.

                                                              After that, cause I've seen that the mediacore plugin folder was the same of the previous version, I simply copied all the plugins and scripts from the ae specific folder to the cc2018 one.


                                                              Then I started working on the cc2018 version and I keep doing it everyday, since now I never had any warning that the old bugs could be back.

                                                              Of course there is some bug, but they are just annoying, anything dangerous for the production.


                                                              Almost in the same moment I installed the latest version on win10 (fall creators update), sorry but I can't remember if I did this before or after installing, but the article I read on tom's hardware about the win update is dated 18 october, so it's matter of days.


                                                              Going back to work, if I remember something more that can be helpful I'll give more info.



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                                                                paolopaoli Level 1

                                                                new day. still no official answers... glad for your temporary solution matteo.... the problem is that I have go back and forth with some pojects, so it's not making a big difference.

                                                                This is the last time I install a new release without waiting for at least some months.
                                                                By the way I found also this thread


                                                                Error: Load library failed


                                                                I'm using a gtx 1080... I have tried to put it on "maximum performance" but nothing has changed.... did anybody with amd solved the issue following that guide?


                                                                the odyssey goes on...

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                                                                  paolopaoli Level 1

                                                                  hey matteo do you have problems with the cc2017 after trying out this workaround?

                                                                  • 31. Re: After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)
                                                                    Matteo Cassetta Level 1

                                                                    I just tried to open the project I was working on during the switch (it was a buggy one) and it opened without problems on 2017.2


                                                                    I can also add effects without problems, I added all the heaviest plugins I have without problems.


                                                                    Everything seems fine now, I'll post asap more info about os, drivers and everything can be relevant to computer status.



                                                                    • 32. Re: After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)
                                                                      Matteo Cassetta Level 1

                                                                      Ok here's some system info.


                                                                      FUKUSHIMA.txt - Google Drive


                                                                      I'm sorry but OS is in italian so a lot of things are in italian, but you can still see the original KB code of the windows updates.

                                                                      Looking at dates I installed windows 10 update on the evening before to switch off the pc (18 october), and CC2018 the morning after before starting to work (19 october).

                                                                      I also tried to clean the infos from sensible data.


                                                                      Just to know, I installed the win10 fall creators update forcing it from the Microsoft site.



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                                                                        I just started having this problem about a week ago with a fairly heavy comp which is only going to get heavier.  Red Giant Universe RGB Separation, Universe Chromatic Glow, and even Keylight all gave the same 1114 error.   I just tried switching my project settings from Mercury CUDA GPU to Mercury Software and the project loaded....your mileage may vary!

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                                                                          i got the same problem , i just move all plugins from the plug in folder(C/program files/adobe/after effect/plug in/ to desktop and start after effect and i got some more error and then i move back all plugins and the problem resolved ..

                                                                          • 35. Re: After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)
                                                                            SplineTimeLine Level 1

                                                                            I'm giving the groveex.dll fix a bump. I had forgotten this little P***ant


                                                                            Delete, plugins work fine

                                                                            • 36. Re: After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)

                                                                              This problem still persists, even after the OS, software and GPU updates. Even built-in plugins like Keylight Pro is affected. Like what frdsmx has done, I always need to pre-load these effects in a blank comp prior to opening the project.  It seems that any plugin that uses GPU has a chance to fail at startup.


                                                                              I really hope this gets fixed.

                                                                              • 37. Re: After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)

                                                                                Same problem here since last year. Couldn’t find any solution.