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    After Effects 2017 plugins problem (1114)

    grgart72 Level 1


      Couple months ago After Effects 2017 started to act very weird about 3rd party plugins.

      I started to get "plugin "name of plugin" could not be loaded (1114) (48:46)".

      Could not load older projects, on loading there was lot of (1114) errors and project could not be loaded.

      I tried to reinstall plugins, cleaned up nvidia driver compliantly and installed most recent but nothing helped.

      Noticed when setup project settings to Mercury Software only I was able to load older projects with no errors, but if I apply new plugin (particular for example) I get error.

      I got After Effects 2014 installed and there is no such issue with plugins at all.

      So for last few months I got stuck using 2014 version since its rock stable and I can't use new versions since I can't find solutions for plugins problem.

      Is there any suggestion how to solve this problem?

      Thank you.


      PC specs:

      Win10 Pro, CPU4770K, RAM32GB, GPUs 1080Ti and 3x780Ti, Dual display setup.