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    Acrobat on iPad: Pan or Zoom while Drawing


      I have a PDF document in the Acrobat app on my iPad which I would like to annotate/mark up with my Apple Pencil. In your app, I’m using the “pencil” icon to draw... this means all touches on the screen leave marks on the PDF. I noticed that I can’t use two fingers inside the draw mode to pan around the page or zoom in or out. I have to exit the draw mode, perform my pan or zoom, and then return to the draw mode.... or else my 2 fingers panning or zooming recognize as drawings, and I don’t want that.


      I know that some other drawing apps are able to recognize the 2 finger gestures in draw mode and not register them as drawings, but none of them have the same PDF functoinality caliber as Acrobat. Am I just missing something, or does this feature actually not exist on the Acrobat iPad app?