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    FlashMX: need help with movieClip menu system

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      Hi there... I'm new here,
      I'd really appreciate some help here... I've tried other forums and
      no-one has come to my aid with a workable solution.

      I've been building my new website for sometime now, and I've been
      hamstrung the last 3 weeks trying to make a drop menu that I can butt up
      to another one, without one affecting the other.

      Here's my current "rough" site...

      You'll see that those menus work okay - that was using the "invisible"
      button technique - but when I come to butt two together, they stick....
      so I've tried to build one using nested movieClips where everything is a
      movie clip.

      So I wondered if someone could show me what to do to get this to work.

      Here's my test file... http://artnsoulgraphicdesign.com/testmenu.zip

      As you can see I have the drop down part working okay - but getting the
      rollover action on the menu item and subsequent click through is where
      I'm having the problem...

      Many thanks for any help...

      Best Regards
      Piers Le Sueur

      If need be you can email me back at piers @ artnsoulgraphicdesign dot com