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    Just "upgraded" from Lightroom 6 single license to LR6 Creative Cloud: Problems

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      Beginning several days ago I began getting a "Sign In Required" pop-up from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for a trial version of Lightroom.  At first it let me close the pop up the first couple of times and LR6 began to open.  Since yesterday (6/18) it would not open LR6 but would reopen the "Sign In Required" pop up each time I tried to open LR6.  The pop up closed and so did LR6.  Prior to this happening a few days ago, I showed ~137,000 photos accessed by LR6.  After the pop ups began appearing several days ago, LR6 showed 63,165 photos accessed.  (About half of the ~137,000 though probably a coincidence?)


      Today I called Adobe and requested to "upgrade" from the licensed version of LR6 to the Creative Cloud (subscription) service.  I spoke with Arun who could not answer any of my questions regarding where did 70,000 photo files go.  He took control of my computer, cleaned out the old version of LR6 and says he loaded the CC version of LR6.  It took a few hours to sync / access (whatever the word is) the photos on my hard drive to LR.  When it ended, I showed 106,931 photos accessed but I was missing many keywords.  I still had some of the old keywords, though I was missing far more.


      I called Adobe again this evening and once again Arun connected.  This time he had me go into LR and do a "file" - "open recent" and view the 4 catalogs that I had there.  None of them is the catalog that I last saw a week ago with the ~137,000 photos was listed.  The closest I can come is "127,990 of 128,210 photos" shown in a catalog named "Lightroom Catalog-2."  (I suspect that the difference are duplicates though I am not sure.)  This file shows the last photo taken was on 12/22/16.  All of the photos that I have taken since that date, there could easily be 10,000, are not shown.  While my keywords list is better, I am still missing a bunch of new keywords most likely created between 12/22/16 and today (really about a week ago when the Adobe pop ups began).


      Turns out that I had been saving Adobe information to my WD external hard drive, though for reasons that escape me, maybe not!  Best I can tell from My Computer (Windows 10 machine) is that the last backup to the external hard drive was 12/31/16.  At least that is where I was saving the LR6 catalog that I opened this evening (Lightroom Catalog-2).  I also have CrashPlan, though that is right now not working due to an "unable to connect to backup engine" message that I hope to have resolved by tomorrow.  I have set LR6 backup to "once a week" upon exiting and have faithfully done that activity every week up until last week.  I never double checked where the files actually backed up to, though as I mentioned I believe that I had it set to backup to CrashPlan.


      Here is where I am right now:

      • My guess is that I have a most recent LR6 catalog either hidden away on my hard drive or hopefully on CrashPlan.
      • I thought that I had been backing up to CrashPlan with my missing most current catalog, though I can't be sure until I get CrashPlan working again OR find whatever catalog disappeared when the pop ups began.
      • "Help" - "System Info" tells me that I currently have LR6.7 with a perpetual license.  My assumption is that this is the current version of LR6 CC, is that correct???
      • Why did the Adobe pop ups begin a week or so ago and why did they affect my "old" LR6 single license program???
      • How can I find my "old" LR6 catalog which was current as of the pop ups beginning to appear last week???


      I have "fought" with Lightroom from the very first time I used it as I find that it is not overly intuitive.  I had gotten quite good using PhotoShop Elements (12 was the last version I used), though Lightroom changed a lot of the methods that I had learned.  "Semantics" also changed such as what were "tags" in PSE are "keywords" in LR.  I have slowly begun to better undestand LR6 and make friends with it.  Right now I am lost and in need of some help to get me pointed in the right direction.  If anyone can assist me on getting back on the right track, beginning with what happened when the "Sign In Required" for Lightroom trial pop ups began messing with my LR6 program.


      Many thanks in advance!


      Scott Wanzor

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not sure that I can clear up everything for you tonight. But first of all, there are not two separate programs Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC. There is one Lightroom program, differentiated only by how you are signed into it. If you are being prompted to sign in then go to the Creative Cloud application manager which should be installed on your computer and sign in with your Adobe ID and password and that should sign you in and you will have Lightroom CC. But you're going to have to check the application manager because apparently you are still not up to date because you need to be running Lightroom CC 2015.10.1 Which apparently you don't have yet. If everything has been installed properly you should be able to update from the Creative Cloud application manager.