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    Content outside the master

    nilleg57851248 Level 1

      I have 4 break points

      768 fluid

      960 fixed

      1207 fixed

      1480 fixed

      The Master look like this:

      Skjermbilde 2017-06-20 08.16.51.png

      Why does the breakpoint start to the left of zero?


      The pages looks like this:

      Skjermbilde 2017-06-20 08.17.15.png

      Why does the rectangle go outside? The resize are sat to responsive in W and H. I think also this is the reason why I can't upload the site with this page?


      When I have both fluid and fixed breakpoint, how do I then resize the white rectangle?

      I have tried to set W and H to none. Then a page look like this:

      About none.png


      When I make the Master shall I then sett the x to 0 for the white rectangle and then of cause adjust the rest of the content after that??