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    Form field calculation

    Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

      First of all, It is not clear to me whether I'm posting this question in the right forum.


      I created an interactive fillable form, some fields should be filled by hand, calculations was done in Acrobat Pro to automatically displayed formula results.

      Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.37.05 PM.png

      Here is what is expected to happen in the red framed fields:

      1. QTY.: User will type-in the quantity being requested
      2. Requested date: User will type-in the request date (see #4 below)
      3. Unit Price: User to type-in Unit price
      4. Total Price: is an auto calculation. If "Request date" is 1st of June, then formula is as follows [ Qty x Unit Price ]. If the date is not 1st of June then formula should be as follows [ Qty x Unit Price / 2 ]


      How can I make the Total Price to use If/Then formula, must this be scripted?