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    Floating Image behaving differently with safari browser




      I am using floating image widget. I have two images down to each other.


      I installed muse on windows and developing on the same. In my machine its working exactly but when i preview the same in Mac its behaves differently and even at times different behavior with different browsers in windows too.(Not this floating widget but the entire page view like alignment issues ).


      I am trying to over come this alignment issues through break points but for my requirement it seems like i should a break point for every 100 and i need the website in tablet and mobile too is this the correct way to have break points for every 100.


      How to solve this and make it look alike in all OS and browsers too. Please do the needful.


      I am attaching the screen shots of mac and windows.


      Note : In windows also if the resolution is greater than 1500 its behaving same as MAC. My page is Fixed width.


      Mac -

      Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.27.11 PM.png


      For windows the floating widget is working well (resolution of 1200)-