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    Exporting interactive PDF with embedded swf and InDesign animation


      Morning all,


      I've got a one page document I'm trying to export to an interactive PDF (which can be viewed by someone who's only using Adobe Reader).


      Currently the document is setup with a number of buttons, animations and object states. All of which work correctly if I export the document as a SWF and then open the SWF within Acrobat, before saving as a PDF.


      What I'd now like to do is include a swf animation media item within the document - this item would be included as part of an object state and will be hidden until it's selected - that will display correctly when viewed within Adobe Reader.


      Currently, it won't play at all using the above method. I've only been able to make this work by extracting as a SWF and viewing within a browser.


      Is there a way of making this work?


      Thanks in advance for any help!