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    Color mismatch between Lightroom and Photoshop when opening photos as layers

    aleduj Level 1



      I always open corrected files from LR to PS as layers in 16bit prophoto and not smart object. I had no problem in the past using that technique, PS was rendering the photos from LR with all the corrections I had done in LR. Recently, this is not working anymore...

      I tried raw files from 2 different camera brands and got the same result. The photos in the layers are different from the ones I corrected in LR. Strange colours.

      I made a test this morning and opened 2 photos, but not as layers this time. PS in this case prompted the usual dialog box regarding the Colour profile. I ticked integrated Color profile in the first one (and got the corrected photo from LR - no problem here) and no Color profile in the second one (and got obviously an ugly photo with kind of a strange 'Color cast'). Then, I opened the same 2 photos from LR to PS but as layers this time. The result was the exact same as the photo without the Color profile.

      When I open photos from LR to PS as layers, PS doesn't prompt any dialog box regarding the Color profile. Can't remember if it was the case before.





      versions of LR and PS and system:


      Adobe CC: LR-2015.10.1 & PS-2017.1.1 (version 18.1.1) - ACR-9.10.1

      System: macOS Sierra-10.12.5

      MacBook Pro 2.5 GHz - i7 - 16 Go Ram