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    DNG converter v8 will not open .CR2 file


      Adobe Photoshop CS4, Camera Raw 5 will not open a .CR2 file from recently purchased Canon EOS1300D.

      I downloaded DNG converter v9 but this will not install on Mac OS 10.9.5 (currently running), needs OS 10.10 or later.

      If I upgrade to OS 10.10 or later I risk Photoshop CS4 not running.

      I downloaded and installed DNG converter v8.

      DNG converter v8 will not open the .CR2 file (greyed out)


      Is it possible that DNG converter v8 does not recognise the .CR2 file from a newer Canon EOS1300D or am I missing something in the DNG converter v8 preferences?


      Does anyone have any suggestions before I give up and buy a Kodac instamatic and a roll of film?


      Many thanks,