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    Walk recording does not seem to work for swapping of walk-modes…

    El Wombat Level 2

      …or am I missing out on s.th.?


      When I tried to record a scene with a puppet with a walk behaviour, I could not record different walk modes.


      This is what happened:


      1.) I recorded a scene and used different walk modes on the recorded puppet.


      2.) When I play that recorded scene only the last walk mode I had used would appear on the whole scene.


      3.) Then I tried recording only one walk mode at a time.


      4.) When I played the recording, though, again only the last walk mode I used would be shown.



      Is this a bug or do I misunderstand the new behaviour.


      In either case:

      Is there a way to record (and FIX or CHANGE) different walk modes (i.e. walk, run, etc.) within a recording/a scene/a puppet's timeline?

      (I imagine I could use the same puppet again and again for each walk mode but that is obviously not a very good solution…)


      Thank you!