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    Help! How to use different text formats in a single layer for Motion Graphics Template ?

    leod86781877 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I've desperately been trying to achieve this for weeks now: I have a series of videos with a different title everytime, but with the same animations and logos etc. So I went with Motion Graphics Templates, which saved me an awful lot of time. Still, I have a pretty stupid problem and I'm going crazy trying to find the solution:


      I have one of the texts layers that is gonna be variable in length but needs to be centred at all time and it goes like this "Meeting with Person Name" (with the bold name). The only way to keep it automatically centred is to make the whole thing as one centred text layer but then I loose the ability to keep the "Person Name" bold (as soon as I put the MGT into a premiere timeline, the formatting is the same on the whole layer).


      The way I've done it until now was to make two separated layers, one for each formatting, attach the "Person Name" layer to the right of the "Meeting with" layer and add a slider to offset the X axis position of the whole thing. Then I can write the different names every time, and offset with the slider, eyeballing it so it's centred. This is quite the annoying work around.


      I've just spent two hours trying to search for a way to auto center two side by side layers with variable size on the X axis automatically without moving relative position, but it seems there's no way.


      Do one of you guys have a solution? Maybe there's something much simpler that I haven't seen yet? (i hope)


      Thanks in advance