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    Picture in library and development is not the same, export is similar to develop




      I am quite new to Lightroom, and really enjoy the software. I just noticed a problem, and I have seen other people posting about similar problems but with slight different problems. When I work on a picture in Develop, not all changes are shown in the Library. The picture looks more grey, as if the vibrance or the color grading is not carried over. See screen shot below. The strange thing is that exports look like the picture in Develop, so the problem is limited to viewing in the Library tab.


      Library (still different from the original picture):

      Develop (more vibrant colors):


      Any suggestions on why it is like this, an how to fix it?


      Here are the changes made:


      Any free tips on the adjustments in general of the picture is also appreciated, I am still quite new and I am probably doing a lot of newbie mistakes...