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    How to assign the same properties to several text frames

    Cleo_helm Level 1

      I generated several text frames (gave them variables and labels), now I would like to give all of the at once paragraph properties (font, size, ...):


      I did it like this (now the labels are in the array) and also with the variables of the text frames in the array, but it doesn't work. If I write something in my generated text frames it is standard font of InDesign?! (I'm using CS6):


      for (var a = 0; a < 19; a++) {
                myGB_TF_Chef[0] += myTF_gapChef;
                myGB_TF_Chef[2] += myTF_gapChef;
                var myNextChefTF = myMasterSpread.textFrames.add({
                              geometricBounds: myGB_TF_Chef,
                              label: "NextChef"});
      // define the format of the text frame, regular, nothing special
      var myNextTF_array = [NextFoFe, NextKuerzel, NextSAP, NextTitle, NextChef];
            var myPara7 = myNextTF_array.paragraphs[0];
                                          myPara7.properties = {
                                              appliedFont: app.fonts.item("InfoOTText"), // which font is used
                                             fontStyle: "Regular", // bold or regular or italic
                                             pointSize: 12, // which font size is used
                                              justification: Justification.leftAlign // should the text be left, center or right aligned
                                          }; // end of description of first TextBox


      Any idea what I did wrong? Can't I put variables or labels in an array?