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    Invoke REST API  - AEM 6.3 Forms

    Krisgum Level 1

      Hi Guru's ,


      I'm currently exploring AEM 6.3 forms and trying out a usecase to invoke a rest endpoint on click of a button .


      I achieved this use case in AEM 6.2 via code editor where on click event I was excuting a peice of java script code which would make a ajax style call to rest API and render the response .


      I'm trying to see if there is any better way to acheive this in AEM 6.3 .


      I do not have the swagger file for the REST API and it is a third party service . Will i still be able to use Forms data integrations ? Or Is there any GuideUtils API to invoke rest based endpoints or java script way is the best to go  ? I found the article below  to execute SOAP based services , however couldn't find any thing similar for rest based calls ?


      AEM 6.2 Forms Help | API to invoke web services from adaptive forms


      Thanks in advance