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    Creating animated graphs as gifs




      I would like to recreate an old animation that shows a line graph with changing values and a few numbers that are going up/down. This animation/gif is used in PowerPoints. I do not know who created the current version and how.


      I have googled far and wide but failed to find out which Adobe programme would be best suited for this. I believe that creating a gif would probably be best for this purpose, but I don't know how to get started. Should I create a number of images (in which program?) and then follow this tutorial (GitHub - lenagroeger/gifs: Make data gifs in a variety of ways )? Or is there a better program that I could use to simplify the process?


      I am sorry that this is a very wide question - please do point me in the right direction if this forum is not the best starting point.


      Many thanks


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          You do it in Photoshop using layers and Frames in a Frame Animation timeline. You wind up with  two files Your PSD withe yot layers and frame animation timeline. And a GIF you export from your layered document.  Do not forget to save the PSD you may want to edit your gif in the  future.  It is easier using the PSD for you may have had Photoshop generate many frame.  If you open a GIF every frame would be a layer not a composite of layers. See the difference here.