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    PDF to TIF file name extension

    ingemarc85551936 Level 1

      Hello, I am having an issue when converting any PDF to TIF.  Adobe Acroba X Pro is adding a "_Page" to the file name at the very end.  How can I remove this filename extension that it automatically adds when converting to TIF?


      Thank you

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I do not see any way around this. If you convert a multipage PDF to the TIFF format you will get one TIFF file for each page of the PDF and "_PAGE_#"   where "#" the number of the page from the PDF. Unlike the JPEG format the TIFF format only allows one image per file, sort of like an image taken by a camera.

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            olafdruemmer Level 3

            Just for the record: it is the TIFF format that allows for multiple pages (though not necessarily widely supported, and typically only used in office or similar environments where paper documents are scanned). To the best of my knowledge, JPEG is a single image format and does not allow for multpile 'pages' inside the same JPEG file.