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    Unable to clear "Some files on the server may be missing..." msg

    tswoolfinOH Level 1

      I have seen other answers to this but they have not helped.


      (Windows 10 professional w/all updates;  Muse 2017.0.3.20)


      This message was raised following the first updates under the newest release only on the production ISP site. It did not appear before those updates. It does not appear on Business Catalyst. The updates were Muse generated HTML updates only, no new widgets or added files. The site does not include third party widgets.


      I have tested with various browsers, on different desktop machines, a tablet and phone. It is consistently raised but does not appear to affect site functionality.


      I have:

      Stated "Replace all files" for all updates using Muse FTP.


      Repeatedly closed and reopened Muse as I tried to find a work-around.


      Exported the site to a local directory and replaced the ISP files with those local files using Filezilla.


      Used a site backup of my files (not a download of the entire site including Muse added files) from a week ago before I made any changes whatever. This used files that were uploaded without error when created. The error msg was still raised.


      Since my WiFi was common for all this, on the chance that my ISP was buffering files I looked at the site using my phone's Verizon data link. Still present.


      Changed <key>SuppressMissingFileError</key> to <true/> as suggested elsewhere.


      I reinstalled Muse but kept local application data.


      I can't think of anything else and hope someone else has ideas. ..




      Tom Woolf