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    Importing rotation data into AE

    OmriSoudry Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I'm working on a project where real life robots holding TV screens are rotating the screens, and I want the video inside the screens to rotate accordingly.

      I have a txt file holding the rotation values in 40ms interval (25 values per second), in a format like this: 0.00,0.50,1.00,1.28,......


      Is there a simple way to read the file (or copy the data) to create a null object with the rotation values? If so, please explain to me how is it done so I could parent my video to this null object and it will rotate exactly with the robots. If not, is there any other way you can think of which will help me accomplish what I want?


      Thank you,



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry you went to all that trouble to record the rotation.  I's probably useless, especially if the camera shooting the video moved in any way.


          Fortunately, you can use Mocha AE to track the screens, and then you can insert whatever you wish onto them.

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            Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

            As Dave says - probably of zero use.

            Even if you could translate it - and rotational data is more complex than you might imagine, you have perspective and camera distortion, which those numbers won't account for.

            You need to work with tracking - either the point tracker in Ae, or planar tracking in the bundled Mocha plug-in. Both will take a little learning.

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              OmriSoudry Level 1

              Thank you both for your answer, but I think I should explain again.


              I move my 3 robots with a program (I work in a Robot company) that also calculates the screen's rotation (in the real world) in 40ms intervals.


              I DO NOT have a video of the actual movement that I wish to track (for screen replacement or something like that).

              What I DO have is the rotation values of the motion, and now I wish to create a video that will rotate so it will be aligned to the viewers even while the monitors are rotated. Just like when you rotate a video on an iPad...


              I hope It's more clear now.

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                Mike_Abbott Adobe Community Professional

                OK. You would need to clarify the format  of the rotation data - degrees or  radians?, value range? rotation order? - but it sounds like it should be do-able with an expression.

                Once you've clarified the nature of the data you might be better posting a question in the expressions section of this forum. See 'subspaces' at the top of the page.

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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                  You would have to write a script to parse the data and convert it to keyframes.