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    Certificate and Appearance Preferences > Appearances > Imported Graphic Fails

    argreway Level 1



      I have tried with multiple machines now on Windows 8.1 and Mac OS El Capitan with the latest version of Adobe Reader to get an imported graphic to appear for a digital signature to appear and have not been successful. 


      The process I am taking is just to create a new Signature Appearance via  "Edit > Preferences > Signatures > Creation & Appearance - More ... > Appearances - New ... > Imported Graphic from - File.  When I try to add any type of image or pdf file it neither shows up in the preview box on the Certificate and Appearance Preferences box or when I save it and try to use in a document (in print or preview mode).  I have tried png, pdf, jpg, and bmp formats with various different image ratios (50 px by 50 px, 1000 px by 1000 px, and 1000 px by 100 px).


      Am I missing something fundamentally wrong here like a configuration or check box?  I tried many combinations of the "Configure Text" and "Text Properties" but nothing will get any image on windows or mac to show up for me?



      Here are my exact adobe versions:

      Windows 8.1  -> Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, 2017 Release | Version 2017.009.20044 | Version File Version: 17.009.20044.25828 | AGM Version 4.030.00069

      Mac OS El Capitan ->

         Architecture: x86_64

         Build: 17.9.20044.222436

         AGM: 4.30.69

         CoolType: 5.14.5



      Any help is much appreciated,