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    PackinDaMAC Level 1
      Is this the correct way to go about the CrLf in CFML???? I getting better results but it seems that my new lines all start with commas like


      do i need to add the Trim command to it......or is my syntax not correct enough for the operation I am trying to handle????
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          SafariTECH Level 1

          This is related to your multiple checkbox problem we started yesterday right?

          remember, CF will be getting one set of data for every checkbox you check and it will be comma-delimited. Therefore if you check 2 boxes you will get 2 lines, each starting with a comma ... if you check 3 boxes you will get 3 lines each starting with a comma ... and so on and so forth.

          In the code that writes to the text file ( not the code that populates the checkbox), if you really need to get rid of the commas, just use replacenocase to swap commas for blanks and choose ALL for the scope.

          If you want a full CRLF, then it should be 13, then 10 ... but I think you would be just as happy if you simply use 10 (linefeed only)