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    No Video Playback in Program or Source Monitors

    GeekaWhat Level 1

      I am having major issues in terms of no video playback and no functional source monitor. When creating new projects or opening old projects the video output does not at all work. When playing from a point in the timeline there is a normal audio output (at normal speed, as if the video was playing too), but the playhead does not move and the project monitor is blank.


      If I try and use the source monitor a similar issue occurs, I will double click on a clip, to send it to the source monitor and the source monitor window gets a blue outline, and a playhead, like usual. Here too there is now video output, just blank.


      The footage I am using is 4K (3840 x 2160) in resolution and 30p or 60p in frame rate. It is GH5 footage, but I have trans-coded all this footage into H.264 through Adobe Media Encoder to mitigate any GH5 inflicted issues. Furthermore, this issue is not limited to video files out of the GH5, but all video and image files in any timeline from any project, whether that be opening old 1080p projects, with video filmed on a T5i or creating new ones with GH5 footage, it is simply infuriating at this point.


      I have done my utmost, prior to posting here to debug the issue myself, clearing the media cache, re installing premiere, loading old versions, changing the graphics card driver and graphics cards themselves, all to no avail.


      My system specs are as follows:
      CPU: Intel Core i7 6800K
      RAM: 32GB DDR4 2133Mhz
      Storage: 500MB/s SSDGPU: AMD RX 480 (have also tried R9 380X and GTX 750ti)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.