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    Acrobat Pro DC doesn't zoom to page level


      Macintosh 10.11.6, Acrobat Pro DC 2015.023.20056


      It doesn't matter if I hit CMD-0, click the toolbar "Fill one page to window" or choose the menu "View" : "Zoom" : "Zoom to Page Level" It always zooms to a level just a bit above what it needs to for a page to fully fit on screen and be able to navigate by hitting the "Page Up" or "Page Down" keys.


      I *can* type the number in to the zoom level and it does work. For example the CMD-0 zooms to 97.7% but I can type 95.6 (determined by trial/error for this particular document) which is what it should have automatically zoomed to but this shouldn't be the case. Seems petty but it's a real annoyance working with as many PDF files as I do.


      Other settings:

      "View" : "Page Display" : "Single Page View" is ON

      "View" ; "Page Display" : "Show Gaps Between Pages" is OFF



      Default Layout and Zoom: Page Layout: Single Page, Zoom: Fit Page

      Resolution" Use system setting 93

      Page Content & Information:

      I have "Show large images" and "Show art, trim & bleed boxes" checked (prepress)


      it doesn't matter what size the application window is or what screen it is on, it zooms so the entire top of the page displays correctly but the bottom of the page is clipped.


      Any suggestions?