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    Acrobat X compatibility


      I am currently using Adobe Acrobat X  10.1.16. I can't open pdf files using Safari after I updated my Mac to its latest version 10.12.5. Whenever I try opening a pdf, I get a blank screen on Safari. I did not use to have this issue before updating Safari. 


      Is there a compatibility issue with Acrobat X and certain versions of Safari?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat X is not supported on Mac OS X 10.12. Sierra came out after Acrobat X reached it's end of support, so unless Adobe has a time machine, it's impossible for them to anticipate what a new operating system would look like and what software changes would be required to support it in advance. That's why you are running into problems. Your options are to either downgrade the OS to something that is supported by Acrobat X (you can find out in the release notes what OS version would be OK), or upgrade Acrobat to Acrobat XI or DC. Another option is to run Acrobat X in a virtual machine that runs an older version of the operating system. I do that with Parallels Desktop so that I can have access to older versions of Acrobat.

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            hameeda85028432 Level 1

            Thanks for the the quick response.