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    Lightroom crashing


      Two days ago I updated to the newest version.  Since then it has been crashing nonstop.  I'm having a few different issues. 

      1. It won't load my default catalog (which is on my external drive)
      2. When I go to import, can't find my default import folders (on the external drive)
      3. Can't find half my catalog photos
      4. After being open for a few minutes, or if I open a photo it can't find, Adobe crashes and causes the entire computer to restart


      I'm operating on OS X 10.10.5 and wasn't having these problems with the previous version.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          I do not know what the latest version is and in a few weeks, the information will be obsolete. Please use also the correct version number, so that other people can compare with their problem.First, I would suggest


          First, I would suggest creating a "controlled" environment. Create a new test catalog and import 2 or 3 images. This will help greatly to identify if the problem is related to your old catalog or simply to the software and the computer.


          At least point 1 and 2 suggest, that the mounting point for the external drive changed. Point 3 could also be related to this. "half of my catalog photos" suggests that you are using different places (external and internal storage) to store the images. Please keep in mind that Lightroom is very flexible and you may not notice that the pictures are not where you think they are.


          Crashing the entire computer may be related to the GPU or device drivers or a hardware problem. I would not suspect Lightroom to be the culprit even that Lightroom triggers the problem.