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    Keyboard problem in photoshop

    niall661 Level 1

      Hey Everyone, I have a bit of a Photoshop issue I could do with some help on.


      For some reason my keyboard seems to be messing up only when in Photoshop. Such as, occasionally when pressing the space bar to move around it zooms in to pixel level.


      When pressing alt to clone stamp, sometimes it doesn’t work and others it keeps the selector up as if I’m keeping hold of the alt key still. It happens when trying to use the eyedropper as well by pressing alt with the brush tool selected.


      It’s probably just a stupid thing but I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’ve tried resetting all Photoshop preferences and from looking at the keyboard viewer in mac, I can see that the keys aren’t staying stuck down or anything. Also I’m on the latest Photoshop CC


      If anyone can help me figure this out I’d be very grateful as I’m working on location for the next 4 weeks and it’s really slowing me down.