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    iOS 11/iPad Pro - Lightroom Mobile needs to get a LOT better

    Rick Baumhauer Level 1

      So, I now own an iPad that is every bit as fast as my late 2016 13" MacBook Pro - in some ways, MUCH faster. Somebody is going to create a great, professional photo management and processing app for iOS 11, and Adobe already has a subscription business model in place. However, the mobile apps are only being used as carrots to encourage subscriptions to Desktop apps - they need to become first class applications on their own merits now.


      Lightroom for Mobile has made great strides in recent months, but it's still a LONG way from where it needs to be. It needs to be able to import from the Camera Roll, rename on import, apply keywords and other metadata, do perspective correction, and on and on. Most importantly, the processing workflow needs to become much more fluid - no more "tap on adjustment, click on and move slider, scroll adjustment list, find next adjustment, tap on adjustment, click on and move slider" - far too cumbersome. Take a look at Polarr for a much more fluid take on adjustments - nice large tap targets, drag diagonally within the tap target to increase/decrease effect. I was thinking of something similar before I saw how Polarr works, and I'm pretty happy with their take on it. Also, Lightroom should do whatever it can to keep from decreasing the size of photos during editing - photo aspect ratios will dictate some of this, but basically, the interface should do whatever it can to fit into blank space around image borders so that photos are always shown as large as possible.


      Also, it goes without saying that Lightroom Mobile needs to be able to sync from an iOS device to a Mac/PC over USB/WiFi without forcing users to bounce everything through Adobe's servers. Again, that's a "carrot" being used to drive subs to the Desktop apps. For shoots of any size, syncing through Creative Cloud is just impractical and a waste of valuable time.


      Please chime in with any other suggestions/comments.

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          nazaninl82585 Level 1

          The way I see it, with the iPad Pros being more than capable to handle a full version of LR I want to hear that Adobe will be releasing an update making the app much more fully realized and featured.


          As it is, I have been looking to move my workflow from my laptop to the new iPad Pro, and if Adobe continues their course I will be leaving their eco system and their subscription. And I know many people who are looking into making the switch away from Adobe. Too many viable options these days. If Adobe doesn't want to listen or respond to their customers (I've been using Adobe since the original Photoshop) than I no longer want to give them my business.

          The fact this has gone unanswered by anyone from Adobe for nearly a month gives me an idea how they don't care.

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            Rick Baumhauer Level 1

            And now Lightroom Mobile 2.8 comes out and makes basic features WORSE!


            They've taken away Speed Flagging again (LRQ says it will be back, but currently conflicts with "other things"), and the move toward a more "desktop" editing interface (making the photo you're editing even smaller) is a HUGE step backwards.


            I can't believe they're still flailing around like this. Speed Flagging is a huge part of the iPad being much better for shoot culling than desktop, and I am (or was) using it on a huge project.


            Thanks, Adobe!

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              hervéd71213092 Level 1


              Thank you all to share your thoughs and experience on Lightroom mobile.

              I use LR6 on my iMac and was considering bying the nez iPad Pro when I am away...

              But from what I understand the features are still limited and if I come back with 2000 RAW files to sync from iPad to iMAc it will take forever...

              As you say, it just look like a carrot