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    Lightroom 'Open as Layers in Photoshop' not working

    halchedog Level 1



      Sometime around upgrading from the CC Photographer to a full Creative Cloud membership, I lost the ability to open images from Lightroom as layers in Photoshop. Searching through boards, I've tried reinstalling the software (both) multiple times, both with and without deleting preferences. Each time I'll try to open images as layers both with Photoshop already open, and not. I've tried opening Photoshop before opening Lightroom and it still doesn't work. I've tried deleting all other Creative Cloud applications (excluding current Camera RAW profiles and Bridge), and still nothing. The only thing I haven't done is a complete reinstall of CC, which I'd like to avoid.


      If Photoshop is Closed when I choose 'edit in', Photoshop will open but no photos will load.

      If Photoshop is Open already, nothing happens. No error messages, no switch in apps, etc.

      If I choose 'Edit in Photoshop...', all the images load as individual files, but it's painstakingly slow to drag the individual layers into a stack (especially when dealing with a 20+ image stack).




      MacBookPro w/ 2.5GHz i7

      AppleOS 10.12.5

      Lightroom 2015.10.1

      Photoshop 2017.1.1