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    Flash Upgrade?

      i was wondering if it is possible to "upgrade" your version of flash, the reason for my asking is for a class i take called Software Applications i had to go out and buy Flash for my computer so i did that, and i have started to run a website and some of the templates i used were made from flash MX 2004, i have the 2002 one... the person who made the theme said there shouldn't be a problem with loading it onto the olderversion so he sent me the file, and when i load it i get a error message saying "Unexpected File Format" is there maby a patch i could download? or a upgrade i could download to fix this? (ps if possible i would like no cost.... but if worst comes to worst ill purchase a newer version)
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          If I follow, you own flashmx (version 6), and wish to edit flashmx 2004
          (version 7) fla files. There is no free "patch" that would allow you to open
          later version fla files in earlier versions of flash. You can either
          purchase a newer version of flash, or have someone with flashmx 2004
          "downsave" the fla files for flashmx. Note that it would need to be done in
          flashmx 2004 (not flash 8) because each version can downsave only for the
          immediate previous version. -Tom Unger