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    Unlock API returns error


      I am trying to automate the unlocking process of my Phonegap app by implementing the API in another application. I have my authorization token, my keystore data and all necessary information.


      I am using the following API call:


      PUT https://build.phonegap.com/api/v1/keys/:platform/:id


      With this example information to fill my own:


      $ curl -u andrew.lunny@nitobi.com -d 'data={"key_pw":"password1","keystore_pw":"password2"}' -X PUT https://build.phonegap.com/api/v1/keys/android/2


      My error is the following:


      {"error":"android key [key here] not found (maybe wrong platform?)"}


      The [key here] part represents the app id that I provide. So combining my error with the example, the key would be 2.


      What I find strange is that the error is talking about an android key and the API says I need to provide the app id. What I assume is that I need to provide my app id at the end of the call.


      Anyone have any experience with this? Am I missing some settings perhaps?