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    Form Validation

      Can anyone tell me what the Actionscript equivalent of the following Javascript is? I'm trying to do form validation on a CFFORM type="Flash" and I don't know Actionscript.

      // STATE1 is a Select menu
      // nonustate1 is a text field

      onChange="if(document.form.STATE1.value==' NonUS'){alert('You have chosen NonUS as your registrant state/province. Please enter the name of your state/province in the NonUS State input field located in the Registrant Information section.'), nonusstate1.value=''}"

      As an addition I would like to add a set focus to the nonusstate1 field after the alert has been closed.

      If you can point me to a good tutorial or reference source for form validation using Actionscript that would be great too.

      Thanks alot.