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    Looking to buy....


      I'm looking to try then buy an animation Text programme.
      There are soooo many on the market. However, they appear to focus mainly on the animation side of things.

      What I'm trying to create is a training presentation where the text flows. (As though being written)
      But also goes bold, italic, enlarge or even highlight certain words or phrases, in sync with the spoken word.
      A character may need to appear (As though explaining)
      Would Animate be able to complete such a task? Or is Animate waaaay beyond that? (Which I fear)


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Animate can go way beyond that, but it can definitely do what you're asking for.


          You might look into Adobe Spark Video. It's really easy to use. You can make text fly in and out while narration is happening.


          If you want a character explaining something, you might look into using Character Animator. It lets you drive the animation of a character by just moving around and talking in front of your webcam. It's very easy and very fun!

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