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    Files on the server are missing or incorrect on IE 11


      Our website is made by a third party and I can only add additional pages to the site.


      We have been making the pages in Muse and linking them to the main site in an iframe. This has worked for the past 3 years.


      The company who run the website have recently updated the site. Now we get the "Files on the server are missing or incorrect..." only in Internet Explorer 11 on a PC.

      They claim that the new site has exactly the same settings as the old one, but I can still view the old files and they work.


      The pages on the new site: http://www.langstane.co.uk/netalogue/muse/index.html


      The pages on the old site: http://www.langstaneprint.co.uk/webfiles/index.html



      I have updated Muse to (2017.0.3.20), remade all the files, deleted the old ones from the server before uploading the new ones...basically following the suggestions in these posts Some files on the server may be missing or incorrect  and Some files on the server may be incorrect or missing .


      I have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS but am not a coder.


      Is this a problem with Muse or should I be asking this question to the host?